Happy International Women’s Day! In honor of this day I have written a new poem. Without women I wouldn’t be here and I love you. I love you for fighting all the critics and living your best life as your best self.

We live in a world where we bully women for the shots they took
But when that woman had no assets, we constantly bashed her for how she looked
We live in a world where we bash women for how many men she dated
But never judge the men for the way they treated her doing them dates

We live in a world where women being cheated on and staying is real
If she leaves, she a hoe ,
Ask a man would he stay if she cheated on him and he’s out the door
It’s like a man can search all he wants for Mrs Right
But women don’t get that life
It’s always a slick title attached to her 
It’s like if she thinks for herself and not follow guides, she’s out of line

I live in a world where caring for women is being a simp
Even being a gentleman is a simp
But being a pimp is goals
Beating, cheating, then buying her a gift seems to be the lifestyle of a lot guys idols
Generations to come idolize this and repeats the cycle



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