Writing Prompt #99

Writing Prompt #99: What are your current short-term goals?

Grow Blog:

Continue to grow the blog as much as possible. I love blogging. I love learning new concepts about blogging. But I want to grow more. Followers and engagement is my primary goals I want. I want more feedback and I believe that will come with more consistent posting.

Work on my mental health:

I never seen a specialist but always feel like something is wrong or that I just want a checkup. I was reading about it, but I really want to see someone. I want to sit down and talk through it.

Create a new album: 

Poetic Gift is going on 3 years old. It’s somewhat time for a new one. I have so much recorded. I dropped some of them last year, but a project is what I’m aiming for now.

Rebuild myself physically:

For a long time I have been obese. I am so used to seeing all the perks of being physically huge that it’s like walking in a new body now. I move faster. I no longer hear myself breathe like I just ran a marathon. It’s been great. But having abs and muscles is still the goal I want to get.

Write a novel

I have written one, but I have so many more ideas to do. I want to focus and write more novels. Hopefully, in due time, release one into the universe. 

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