February Results 2021

February Results 2021

The month has ended. Now it’s time to do a little poem and provide a list of completions and failures for the February Goals 2021. If you like this post, follow for more posts, like this.

February was the first month where I completed almost everything
I finally hit my goal 
200 pounds down from my highest of 470
Few years ago I would have gave up
But I’m still standing and I’m in love with myself

In love with Bettering myself
In love with seeing myself
Doing my best to be a better me every day
This month was my 2nd chance to finish reading 2nd chance
I was finished within the first week

Got a few workouts in after the first week
Even though I didn’t get my model dreams pictures done ,
I still had fun this month

I didn’t get discouraged and just had fun for a change
I often try to focus on goals that I can’t help like views or likes
This time I just wrote a couple of posts
And let the rest flow

I’m ending the month just like last month with a smile and another 2,000 views
2021 Just started and I’m loving it
  1. Get to 270: Finally hit my goal. 470 pounds to 270 over the course of 3 years.
  2. Finish 2nd Chance: James Patterson and Andrew Gross made this month special with this classic book.
  3. Start Back Working out: A couple workouts helped me achieve my first goal on this list.
  4. Shoot for some new model dreams: Sadly, no. My clothes I ordered didn’t fit, and the return and repurchase process just didn’t come in time.
  5. Try not to get discouraged: I didn’t get discouraged. Whatever didn’t workout, I just accepted it.

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