Last Week

Weekly Thoughts #91:Last Week

The last week of February went like this.

It was pretty boring for me. I was thinking about doing some photos over the weekend, but my clothes still did not arrive. Man, this pandemic is really slowing stuff down. It’s been maybe 2 weeks since I ordered my pants. So with that being said, that is my only goal that I failed this month. Spoiler for tomorrows post. I did a poem for the results. Man, I have to say that poem is terrible. I don’t know if I’m trying to convince you not to read or what. But it’s not my best work. 

Been doing some cleaning up on my Instagram lately. My main one @k.exum. I have so many old posts that I don’t really want anymore. I want my Instagram to have only Poetry videos, my album covers, pictures of me, and my little half and half creation that I been doing lately.

It’s something about the look of instagrams that I like. I like to see patterns. All the old quotes I don’t want to just delete them. I was posting them on @Piecesofkblog and Pinterest. I love Pinterest because I can just link it and get views for an older post that probably faded out by all the other posts. I have over 500 posts to go, so this process is going to take a while.

I have an amazon storefront now. I just wanted to try out the amazon influencer program. It’s kinda like the affiliates where I earn a percentage of your purchase when you purchase something through those links. With the storefront, you can shop straight from the items I recommended in my store. So I’ll leave it linked in this paragraph and down below. The products I chose were all the products I reviewed in the book talks and the what’s on tonight posts. So it’s a little easier for you to find the items that I enjoyed.

This month is closing, and I can only look forward to next month. What will be my new set of goals? That’s a question I always think at the end of each month. What can I do next? What do I want to accomplish? These are questions I have to answer for March 1st. As for the end of this month. I have to thank all the new followers. I’m glad you’re here and I love you all. We continue to grow on here and every other platform. See you all next week.

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