How much does it cost to create music in 2021?

How much does it cost to create music in 2021?

So I have been releasing music for about 3 years now on streaming services. I did maybe 2 years on mixtape sites like DatPiff and Spinrilla. I always release on SoundCloud as well. As an independent artist, I can tell you how much I tend to spend to create music.

For starters, you may have to pay for the software you want to use to record your song. Most artists use protocols or Logic Pro X. Protools is on all computers like Windows and Mac Os. Protools can be a little pricey. Their lowest plan is to be billed $35 monthly. With their highest plan being a one time price of $600. Each plan has a unique feature that others don’t. Not too familiar with Protools, but it’s an app that most artists used to create. As for Logic Pro X. There is a one time fee of $200. I chose Logic because to me Logic is like an upgraded version of garage band. Garageband is a free app for mac users to use to make beats and record audio. I used Garageband for about 2 years. A good app to get started on.

Recording can be tough, but you just have to be patient and take your time. This is your own race, so just take your time. For recording I use a Shure Mic. I believe this was a Christmas present from my aunt. So shout out to her. These mics are only about $100 on amazon. Next I use an audio interface which cost me around $50. Interfaces are used to make the sound better in my own words. But its primary uses are to help plug instruments into the computer. Say if you play the guitar or something of that nature. Or in this case, use a mic. My mic stand is love as well. My mic stand cost me $100. It has foam surrounding it to help with noise cancellation when recording. Once the recording is done. 

 We have to move on to the audio engineering part. If you’re like me, who has not a lick of experience in mastering audio. I have tried auto mastering services that never quite worked out. Most of which made the audio louder, but not better. I’ve tried landr and emastered. None of which did the trick. So I found myself on Fiverr. Fiverr is a freelance site with a bunch of freelancers that specialize in everything you need done. I mean, Fiverr can do almost everything you want. 

 So my key problem with my recordings is getting that studio sound and to cut out background noises. My audio interface helps a lot. I don’t have a studio and have never recorded in one but my interface, mic, and mac gets the job done. But sometimes I have a random noise appear in the background. Or even something subtle, like a random hiccup or I bump the mic. Point is that I can’t stay in my audio. Especially if I want to sound professional. So I often look for someone on Fiverr to do so. I have used this person recently and loved the outcome, but this is 1 of the millions that are on there. I choose people with excellent reviews and fast delivery. This one only cost me $17 per song.

 Now onto covers. I love coming up with covers but do not draw or use photo shop. So you know what that means. Fiverr. I have been using Andiest for my previous five singles. I’ll show those below. They only charged me $10 per cover. 

 Something that is very important before releasing is copyright. Copyrighting your lyrics is what I do since for my projects. You can’t do the song audio if you don’t own the beats. I have a license for them. The license I have say that I can use them to make a song and sell the song on musical platforms. Most of the beats I use come from creators on YouTube and Beat Stars. The key people I have been using are Major League Beats, Caps Ctrl, Jurrivh, Boyfifty, and Golds House. One major tip I can say for finding beats is to be specific in what you search for. Like if you want a drake sound, then I suggest typing something like Drake Type Beat or whoever your sound relates to. These beats’ basic plan usually are about $25 -$50. Got a little off topic, but copyrights cost $60 per literary work. I like to do a collection at a time so I don’t have to keep coming back. You get a brief letter in the mail later, after it’s filed. Can take some time to come but as long as it’s already on digital file then your good.

 Now for the distribution. Distrokid is the goat. Most artist use distrokid. Distrokid has a lot of perks, but its main perk is its pricing. The fee for releasing music is only $20 a year. With that your able to drop unlimited music. You get the spotify verified check mark. Your personal YouTube channel can turn into an artist YouTube page like all the other record label artists. You have access to tools to help push your content on social media like mini videos and hyperlink websites for your music. One of their newest functions is the ability to have your music be presented to record labels. I think that’s pretty cool if you want to be signed. If you schedule music a week or 2 ahead, it increases your chance of getting on a spotify playlist. You keep all your royalties, by the way. 

 If you stayed this long, then thank you. Of course there is a link down below to my latest spoken word Goodbye Text. Follow this blog for more of my insight on life. Hope this post helped you with creating and posting your music in stores. Once you get your equipment. Your only spending maybe $70 per single release. Not including promotions.

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