The Most Useful Blogging Tools

The Most Useful Blogging Tools: These tools are the most useful to me. I hope they provide some help to you as well. Follow this blog for more posts like this. Enjoy my little list.

ProWritingAid: A tool I just started using a couple of months ago. I find it more useful than Grammarly. Another pro writing tool that helps with grammar checks. I find ProWritingAid catches more errors than Grammarly does. Well, the free version catches more errors than what the free version of Grammarly does.

Plagiarism Checker: A tool I use for my quotes. I use this every so often just to make sure I’m not copying someone else’s idea. I found this one credible along with quetext and dupli checker. I use a couple because sometimes the quote is too short to check.

Canva: My favorite program for creating covers for my posts. Creating posts for Instagram and Pinterest. You can make a logo with this program. I can even make a book cover and countless other posts for many sites can be made.

Pinterest: Pinterest is love. I love Pinterest; it helps with my views. Pinterest is the Marketplace for blogging. Pinterest can help with ideas for new blog posts. Can teach you information that you didn’t know you needed for blogging. I learned a lot about blogging through Pinterest. Joining a Pinterest group can help share your blog to the right audience that’s looking for your type of content.

Google: Google is google. Helps me find reference blogs to help with an idea I already have. Like I want my own spin but need something to help me visualize what I want.

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