Finally Hit My Goal

Weekly Thoughts #90: Finally Hit My Goal

Week 90 of my journey. It’s been a great week for starters. Let’s talk about how my week went. 

I finally started back working out. Not going to lie. I started back working out on Monday but didn’t workout again till Friday. That’s how much damage that first workout did. I did like a quick little circuit workout in my home for about 30-45 minutes. Within that time, I did bicep and hammer curls for 3 sets of 15 reps. Then doing a weighted squat for 3 sets of 15 reps. Last, I strapped on two 5 pound weights to my lower leg and did high knees. First round 15 seconds. Then a 30 second round. Last was a 1 minute round. Received my trophy at the end. My trophy is when my entire shirt is soaking wet. I look forward to that feat after every workout. It makes me want more while doing it.

So on Tuesday, I weighed myself after one workout. I wanted to see where I was. Just to know how far off I was from my goal weight. I hadn’t weighed myself in about 3 weeks, so I stepped on the scale to see I went down 5 pounds. Which landed me right on my goal of 270 pounds. Thus marking me losing 200 pounds total from my highest weight of 470 pounds. I couldn’t help but smile the entire day.

I finally got an album idea. Lately I have been procrastinating about what to record next. I want to work towards a spoken word project but couldn’t put into focus of what’s next. So I have the idea to do some old with the new in a project called Right My Wrongs. I feel like pieces on my old Mixtapes deserve better from me. My old Mixtapes needs to be deleted anyway, so why not redo some old treasure? Also bring in some new pieces as well so you don’t feel like your listening to old pieces. I want to show the growth too. Growth in my life and art..

 This week was fairly great. Getting my goal left me speechless. Of course I feel guilt because I could have been completed this goal, but I was so lazy. But hey, I have checked another goal off the list. Right my Wrongs is the idea for now. Can’t wait to get started on that. Shoot for some model dreams is the last goal to complete for me. I haven’t gotten discouraged but hey I’m leaning to it. Clothes wise I’m not there yet and I have a week left to complete. I’ll try my best if my new clothes come in my size. Until then, follow this blog for more of my journey. See you next week.

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