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Book Talk: 2nd Chance 

Today we have the second book of the women’s murder club series by James Patterson. 2nd Chance debuted in March 2002. This book started with a mass shooting that only claimed a little black girl’s life. Then an older black woman was hung, which unlocked a door to a thrill ride of twists and turns. Today I talk to you about my ride. This is 2nd Chance Book Talk.

Bravo again. More shock this time around. I didn’t see those last chapters coming. The killer of these books are so sneaky. I was reading, thinking I know who the killer was, but then James took me by surprise this time. The fact that women’s murder club became targets made me on edge. Not trying to spill the beans, but I was like so emotionally invested in these characters. I almost didn’t want to read on. Fantastic work. The end was more shocking than 1st To Die. I didn’t see this one coming. Not at all. Like it crept up on me. I’m in love with this series. 

James Patterson deserves his own world. Just the other day he released Walk in My Combat Boots: True Stories from America’s Bravest Warriors. I’m trying to catch up in the women’s murder club series, but it’s like 19 more books to go and possibly more to come. He was dropping one for that series every year since 2001. A Fucking icon. He also has more series going at the same time. Most if not all are best sellers. He has become my role model.

This book was simply amazing. This may have been the first book I read with 2 authors. The other author was Andrew Gross. I wish I knew what parts he wrote, but it was still great. Maybe even better. I’m not familiar with this mans work. Quick research can tell me he’s known as an international bestselling author of multiple novels. Including his most noticeable books are No Way Back, Everything to Lose, and One Mile Under. Also, he’s the co writer for the next book in the series, 3rd Degree.

3rd Degree is next up for the series and I. I can only hope 3rd Degree is even better. This book had more shock for me. A big takeaway for me is to attack the second book of a series more than you did the 1st. Meaning come with more energy than you did the first. I can say this book overshadowed the first. If you’re looking for a great thriller, check out this series. Links to his social and the other author, Andrew Gross will be down below.

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