Lazy Week

Weekly Thoughts 89: Lazy week

My week has ended, and it’s time I write about my lazy week. Let’s get into it.

Just to touch back on last week’s, weekly thoughts. Check out some early designs for what I’m thinking of releasing. Sadly, I can’t private these designs right now so my shop is actually live right now. So I’m excited but not ready to promote just yet. I still want a banner and more designs, or should I focus on just one? I’m still putting everything together. This will be a look, but I’m adding more to the shop soon. This is just the basics for now. It’s pretty basic. Especially the poster. I want more of a design to the background, but not too much.

I have been using the excuse of a writer’s block but continuing to write new material. Maybe I’m just lazy. I think that’s the proper answer. I keep producing content, but it just doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Losing my touch has been challenging, but I just decide to do what I usually do. Write through it. Great poets like Edgar Allan Poe were depressed and still made great artworks like Alone and The Raven. So I can be a little lazy and still produce content. But my laziness will stop my growth eventually if I’m sitting in place for too long. I got to write through it.

3rd Degree by James Patterson has me on edge right now. I started reading it a couple of minutes after I closed the book on 2nd Chance. Still writing my book talk for that book. It was incredible. The ending caught me off guard for sure. Maybe more than 1st to die. 1st to die ending, I saw that ending coming from a mile away. It was hinted at too much for me but 2nd chance was crazy. More on that next Friday.

I have been relaxing all week. But I’m trying to get some blogs done. I was slacking. I believe I only have 10 posts scheduled so far. Some written already, but a lot of ideas are just incomplete. I’m a behind but I’m going to catch up. I thought I was ready for some model dreams this week, but my brand new pants that I ordered didn’t fit right. So I have to reorder. So my reoccurring model dreams posts for Mondays and Saturdays will suffer until then. Maybe it’s for the better considering it has been raining and snowing lately. Odds are I wouldn’t have been able to take pictures. I was thinking about doing some home photos. But my ring light just died on me the other day. I’m still keeping my head up. Some things don’t go as planned, but you have to stay positive and tell yourself it’ll all work out, eventually. Stay patient. This is the end of this post. Like, comment, and follow this blog for more of my journey. See you next week. Oh and Happy Valentines Day!

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