Flip Fit Live Shopping Shows Review

Flip Fit Live Shopping Shows is the newest app to hit the app stores across all phones. I discovered this app from someone I follow. I saw them using it and tried it. Here is my review of the experience down below.


 Honestly, what I expected was clothes I can try on and give a review before I actually buy. I can choose to keep the items or send them back. One of its primary functions is that you can swipe right on clothes that you like. You can add those clothes to your cart if you wish. But once you swipe left or right. You earn credits, you can use to get a discount up to 30% off your order. Was it too good to be true?


So off the impression that I can use these credits for a discount for my actual purchase motivated me to get a high amount, but on items I liked. I ordered 2 items. Just a long sleeve shirt and cardigans. I ordered on a Monday and received my items on a Friday. So good timing. It’s shipped to you with a little welcome note and the shipping label in case things didn’t go well. So that’s good. Printing out labels can be annoying with no printer. So good courtesy. 


Loving my new shirt from @myflipfit #fyp #wip #flipfit #myflipfit #ootd #drobrand

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 I did a little transition video for both items on TitTok & Flip. You can see the videos above. I have seen a couple do this before. Now down to business. I could keep both or one item or sending them all back. I kept all because the items satisfied me. The overall total of the order was $77.00. I had overall in credits was I believe $90.00. I was just given a 30% off discount. Which brought my total to $53.00. So only $23.30 came off of my total. 

Worth It?

I read from somewhere else that if you want to send it back; drop it off somewhere other than an ups store. Unsure, maybe I’ll try another item and tell you about that experience. I like that you can try on your order before buying. All I had to do was insert my card number, but I wasn’t charged at all. Even when I received my order, then I could purchase it. Is it a waste? If you like to try on your items before buying, then it’s a plus for you. Especially during quarantine, I know you’re not able to try on clothes at the store anymore. So that’s a big plus. I went through this so you don’t have to. So like and follow this blog for more. If you want to try this app out, then I’ll leave a link below for future users.


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