Timeline: Today’s poem focus on my thoughts on Social Media and what I often see on my timeline. Tell me what you think in the comments below.


Social media got nothing but clones
It’s nothing but people saying they on their own
But all they do is copy the person before them post
Look at these kids fighting
Kids fighting more and more 
Parents don’t want to be in their kids’ life they rather press ignore 
Then you got dudes showing off their guns like its show and tell
Rather play with guns than put the ball in the net
They stay out in the streets shooting like they on a movie set
Once behind bars they looking for a reset
Then you got the women online whining 
Long messages down my timeline 
About the last dude
I mean you chose the dude ,
You picked the dude that was so rude
Talk to you like you wasn’t nothing, and you stuck to him like you were glued 
He was known all around for slanging his meat like a deli
And you still let him put it in your belly
You knew he was the opposite of wealthy
Now he cheated on you and now all of sudden his meat smelly
And his pipe game weak, knowing he was knocking your stuff down like Ali 
And now every dude ain’t this
This why me and these girls can’t coexist 
Then they claim no good dudes exist
I mean me and the billion others sitting right here
But that’s not what you want to hear
To you we all the same
Just another squirrel trying to get a nut
I forgot I’m not your type
Most of the women want the gang banging type
The one that’s going to knock you up
Then going to get locked up
I swear half these girls just want drama
Wants to be a queen but turns into another baby mama
But let me keep scrolling 
The media be having heads spinning 
One day it’s about something political 
People talking about how this makes everything difficult 
Then it’s about a celebrity sex tape
No one can keep their eyes on one thing
Just worried about the new thing
It seems like another body drop every week
But we to worried about which team this week ready to ball
While people getting gun down in the streets 
It’s all about what cop pulled the heat
Gunning down more people that snitch and take a plea
Every case is a resemblance 
Shoot someone to show you more real but can’t take responsibility for your own actions 
People getting locked away for a hood or clique that won’t even take care of your family when you dead and gone
Let’s just keep going
Everyone claim they independent 
But follow every trend 
I refuse to blend 
I been there done that no more playing pretend 
Too many focused on staying in the in crowd
End up losing there self 
Then you got the bullies 
Talk crazy online but in person they on mute
My timeline be crazy that’s why I leave it on mute
Because its all the same
Just another thing to take you off your game

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