Opening a Shop

Weekly Thoughts 88: Opening a Shop?

Opening a online shop. Hey it’s on my 21 Goals for 2021 list and I been wanting it more and more every day this week. I really want posters in typography form. That same type of form for t-shirts and hoodies. Maybe even joggers. I feel like I can go at any moment and just want to be at peace knowing I did everything I wanted to do. I’m thinking of naming it as the domain. I’ll be lying if I said I haven’t already started on it. It’s going good, but I’m just getting started.

Also, thinking of changing my current domain to It’s been a thought for a while. The only problem is all thousand of my posts covers say .com so maybe I should just stick to what it is now. Unless I just ignore those and hope others just find my site. I think I can have it redirected, possibly. Don’t have too much information on that.

I have been having so many ideas over the years. I have acted on most of them. The most consistent one I have been on is this blog. Just about 3 years and 1,000 posts later. Just a thought. Not much on my mind for the first week of February. Hope I have more to say next week. See you then. Let me know what you think about my online shop idea in the comments below.

If you haven’t already. Download my latest spoken word single below.

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