February Goals 2021

February Goals 2021: New month needs a new set of goals. Today I have composed a brief list to start the month off with. If your new please follow to see how we fair after this month is over. Happy Black History Month.

  1. Get to 270: I’m so close to this. I think with the help of my workouts that I’ll be starting up again will help me reach my goal.
  2. Finish 2nd Chance: We got to finish this book. I’m almost to the end. I have been distracted lately.
  3. Start Back Working out: Listen, I don’t remember the last time I worked out. Maybe 4 months ago. I go walking every day, but I haven’t done like a real workout in months.
  4. Shoot for some new model dreams: It’s time to get some more pictures rolling in. I have a location and a couple of outfits almost ready.
  5. Try not to get discouraged: This may be tough. Especially these last couple of days have been rough. I plan on leaving those thoughts in January.

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