January Results 2021

January Results 2021: The month has ended. I set a goal list early in the month that I’m going to tell you about how I did. I have a free verse poem and a brief list that sums up my monthly journey.

January Results 2021 Poem:

The first month of 2021 is done

And I have 3 goals done

I wanted 270 bad but only 5 pounds stood in my way

It’s still in my way

I would love to say I gave it my all

But I know if I gave it my all I wouldn’t be telling you I failed

Along with my goal to finish 2nd chance

Ironic next month will be my 2nd chance to finish 

Then losing the weight will replenish my health 

Now about the goals I put under my belt

I got another single prepared 

To be heard from another pair of ears ,

I’m going back to the emotional route

I can’t wait till that comes out

Speaking of anticipation 

I have been stocking up and patiently waiting 

Creating looks for my new perfect shot

I love popping out on @k.exum with a fresh look in a new spot

Last, I finally hit 2,000 views again 

This will be the last time

I aim for something that’s out of my hands

It Just creates more stress

And make me rush and not put out my best

Even if I post a 1,000 times in a day

I don’t know if a 1,000 views will surface 

It’s best to stick to focus on today

And let the blessings fall in play

Don’t be like me and stress out about the crowd not being around 

Work like they’re there until they eventually find their seats

January started dry, but I made it great for me

Didn’t get two, but I’ll get them next week 

And the weeks to come

If you ever fail, try again tomorrow 

And the day after that ,

Don’t give up you’ll have another shot at bat

Just do your best and learn from each attempt 

I’m rambling but I want you to keep going till you have won

This is the end of January Results 2021

January Results 2021 List:

  1. Get to 270: Didn’t make it. Currently at 275 pounds.
  2. Get 2,000 views in a month: We finally did it. Been a goal for the past few months. This will be the last time I aim for a view count. I don’t really want the stress of worrying about getting several views. It’s literally out of my hands either way. So anyway, thank you for 2,000 views .
  3. Finish 2nd Chance: Almost done reading.
  4. Prepare a new single: I have one ready to go. Also, I’m looking for a cover for another.
  5. Plan for a new perfect shot blog post: Found a spot and my outfit is coming along. I’m looking for some accessories. Something I think most of my pictures are missing.

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