Feeling Better

Weekly Thoughts #87: Feeling Better

I had a hiccup with my writing this week, but that’s normal. I feel like it’s normal to think about quitting at some point. I felt that way because my stuff wasn’t selling. It just makes you feel like your wasting time. Since I was in that mindset, I wasn’t creating as much as usual. So that happened, but since I have written a lot more. Slowly but surely. A Self Reflection poem brought me back to life.

Wrote a new story. I’m surprised myself just writing it. It’s another mystery. Not as long as The Story Of Charles Levi. Just something very short. Still looking over it, so don’t know when I’m posting it. Hopefully mid February.

A narrative poem has been my toughest challenge for let’s write a blog yet. If you’re not familiar with that series, it is me trying different writing formats and teaching you something new as well. I have done mainly poetry forms so far. The latest one I’m attempting is a narrator poem, and I’m struggling.

I tried out this new video idea the other day. Just a random night of recording. I did this mini spoken word and had an idea to make it look like I just woke up and it serves as like a little visual poem. Like the idea? I just want to do more video content. Video content that is related to the Blog. I did it on TikTok and my other socials. I think I want to keep it going. What you think? Video below.

Wake Up (Spoken Word)

This week was pretty discouraging and reassuring. My art discouraged me. You know it just get to a point where you get tired of not seeing the progression you want to see in the time frame that you expect. I’m 6 years into spoken word, and I have sold little. I have spent more creating than the actual project made. I can say the same about the ebook and the blog. It makes me feel like I’m wasting time. Also, I feel like without chasing my goals, what else do I have to be proud of? What would I strive for if it’s not writing related? You know, maybe thinking like this is normal. This life is a journey that you just have to take it one day at a time. Don’t look at what didn’t work. Look forward to what could work. It’ll all shape out in the end. Enjoy the moment. See you all next week.

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