Self Reflection

Today I tried to write a response to a Writing Prompt but I couldn’t think of a thing. Much like yesterday’s post, I was discouraged. So I sat back and just reflected to myself, and this is what I came up with. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Self Reflection 

I feel like you need to stop thinking about the money

I know that sounds funny

But your only stressing yourself out

When did our gift become all about making it out?

It never has

It’s always been our fun

Our playtime after a long day of school

It was never about being cool

Or now they call it clout ,

Retract your mindset 

Creating makes us feel the best

We can’t feel that if we’re only thinking about what brings coins

I know your point 

You want to escape your lifestyle 

But it should be about bettering your lifestyle 

Get to the root of your depression and reassess yourself

You should be all about mental Health 

You might have not dealt this hand

But this is the hand you were given and now you have to play

We’re going to be okay

Your great

You wrote a book when you were seventeen 

You wrote maybe 100 stories before you were even thirteen 

You self-published a short story last year

You conquered your not publishing fear

You created numerous spoken word projects 

Stop getting lost in the profit 

Get lost in the process 

Enjoy the moment 

You’ll reach success 

Just be patient and keep your foot on the gas

You got this K

We Got This


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