This is a throwback poem that I recited for Instagram awhile back. In much heavier times. I wrote this from the perspective of a celebrity. So like, comment and follow this blog for more. Lastly just enjoy.


Don’t say this, don’t say that
They want to put a chain on my mouth
If the king would have put a chain on his mouth
Then I wouldn’t be sitting next to some white women
Talk about what I say but your president went on tv talking about how he sexually harassed women

Then had every media site blaming the women
Talks about how it’s her fault for the clothes she was wearing 
Please, I can’t believe that was the talks I was hearing
They fucked this world when the shit a celebrity say in the limelight is worse than a politician 
There’s a good and bad in every situation 

You offended? 
Newsflash, everything is going to affect people differently 
It’s just the truth
So I gotta let my words rise

They going to hate me till I D.I.E
Because I’m the only nigga they can’t control 
Your remote control can ’t control this channel
Through it all I won’t fold

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