So Close

Weekly Thoughts #85: So Close

This week showed me I’m only 5 pounds away from 270. I don’t think I ever said it, but I went back up to 280 last month. I know moving further away from the goal. Now I’m down to the last 5 and I need to get this. I wanted this weight for so long now. This the first month of the year and this is a goal that has to be completed. I’m so freaking close I can see it. I can’t wait for the moment I can look in the mirror and say I’m 200 pounds down from my highest. I have to have it.

Inauguration is approaching. Are you scared? No, but I’m paying attention this year. I see they started taking the trump mob seriously now. It only took 5 people to die for them to say maybe these people are dangerous. It’s been about 100 arrests, but it was so many in D.C that day. Hope they get them. I don’t want to see some big war downtown from me. The innocent always end up getting hurt. It’s stupid and not the end of the world. It’s just crazy to even think about. 

So I was thinking about doing like a music highlight of the week. In this post or another recurring post. Talk about the latest album or single that I listened to during the week. Like for instance, I listened to blank and what I like about it. I’m big into music and just being in the now. I know this a personal blog so I want to enlighten you the audience on the music I like every week. It may be a new recurring post. Maybe like Music Talk or New Tunes or something. New tunes sound kinda corny. I’m thinking about it still. I have so many categories as is. Do I really need another? So maybe just something for weekly thoughts.

Well, let’s talk about this new podcast I watched this week was from a new favorite poet that go by the name Backpack Jeff. I saw him at busboys and poets last year and he was so dope. I watched his podcast the other day featuring another favorite Orville The Poet. The stories they told about spoken word and Orvilles first stage performance made me feel a little better about mines. I think you should check it out below.  The stage is still a challenge I want to rise above. 

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