21 Goals For 2021

21 Goals For 2021:

  1. Stop depending on people: It’s time to stop depending on everyone. Friends & Family need to not be a reliable source this year. This year we should only depend on our self.
  2. Don’t pass up on any wonderful opportunities: like any opportunity that fits our goal and niche. Do it.
  3. Study your craft more: Writing is my craft and I feel like there’s a lot of things I don’t know. That’s not good and I need to improve on that more.
  4. Release A Poetry Book: It’s time. I feel as though I have been writing poetry long enough to create one. I have a couple in my mind. I think it’s time to drop Temptation. It’s something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Releasing a poetry book is going to happen this year, I promise.
  5. Drop a spoken word album: I did so many singles last year. Just for this. I want to drop my second project for streaming services. Poetic Gift was 3 years ago. It’s time I do something new.
  6. Continue to improve your skincare : I was working on my facial skin for the last year and a half. I missed some days a lot. This year I don’t want to miss any. Also, I want to get a facial done. I would love to see my skin clear next year.
  7. Read more blogs within niche: To be a better anything you have to study the craft. Meaning basketball players practice shooting every day to get better. Read more blogs to be a better blogger. It gets the blood pumping, and the mind focused on the goal at hand. Didn’t mean to sound motivational, but you get the point.
  8. Release The Story Of Charles Levi Chapter 2: This one may be tricky. I am conflicted between Posting It On the blog or Self Publishing on Amazon. I kind of want to post it because I want to drop more stories on the blog only. But I did self publish part 1, so it feels like it’s only right to continue the series there. Let me know what you think in the comments.
  9. Cut out the bullshit or simply the distractions: Self explanatory, but I tend to bullshit around when my to do list is long. I want to focus on what’s important instead of these distractions that will always be around.
  10. Do a spoken word collaboration of your own: I want a spoken word collaboration with someone. A collaboration with a rapper is likely. I have a few friends with some bars. So maybe soon.
  11. Work on toning our body: I lost a lot of weight last year. I believe I need to focus on toning. I might be happy with the clothes I’m able to wear now. But having a toned, fit body is still the goal, and that’s what I’m focusing on.
  12. No More Excuses just work and keep going: If it fails, keep going. It’ll work out. You can’t stress about something not going your way when you’re not working and pushing your career to the top. No excuse.
  13. See a therapist or learn more about mental health: Depression is something I battled alone for so long. Before, it didn’t even have a name. It was just an empty feeling in my heart. I just want some type of help with it. I have my ways of trying to get out that mood but I want the feeling to totally disappear. If possible.
  14. Travel somewhere: I don’t care if it’s just to Virgina from Maryland. Go somewhere. Explore something that we haven’t seen before. I have only been to North Carolina, and that’s it. Even there i haven’t been since 2016 or 2017.
  15. Accept your past and move on: I know it can be hard, but it’s something that holds us back from our future endeavors. Just accept that it’s not coming back.
  16. Post more stories on the blog: Much like number 8, I want to release stories often. But in parts. Like part of a story on Monday, then the next part the following Monday for an entire month. Like episodes in a television show. I have had this idea for a while and I just want to capitalize on it. Maybe have a downloadable file somewhere on here, but it will still be exclusive to Pieces Of K Blog.
  17. Make More YouTube videos: I contemplate on making YouTube videos all the time. I have no idea why. It’s not like I don’t already make videos now. Youtube videos are just longer than my occasional Tiktoks.
  18. Get out more: Don’t matter where. Just go out more with people. I feel like I’m missing out on so much. 
  19. Read 10 books: I was aiming for 20 last year. Maybe that was too high for me . So I’m aiming lower this year.
  20. Never give up on our career: I know things may change this year and I just want to remind myself that the K.EXUM Brand comes first before any job, any amount of money, and any family member. It’s all about K. EXUM first.
  21. Find happiness: Whether that means completing everything on this list and then some. It doesn’t matter, I just want to find happiness. Internally.


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