Walker Mill Regional Park

Perfect Shot: Walker Mill Regional Park

Another journey for the Perfect Shot series. We shot this on November 17th. A bit old now. Got some great shots in at the Walker Mill Regional Park. Walker Mill Regional Park is located on 8001 Walker Mill Road, Capitol Heights, MD 20747. Now it’s time I tell you about it. Let’s get into this post.

This was the most spur-of-the-moment shoot I had. I woke up on my 23rd birthday with the urge to do this TikTok.


Happy Birthday To Me. 23RD Birthday 🎂 #jordanyear #fyp

♬ Jumpman – BeatRunnaz

But after doing the TikTok with this look, I just had to wake my friend up to go take pictures. I did no research about this park. I just picked it and went and created poses on the move. Not too much to say about the actual park. It was just a standard park. The look was what I wanted to capture the most. 

The pictures came out great; I think. Yannickfraenkel edited them (A editor from Fiverr that edited for me in the past.) He did excellent as always. He edited the pictures in maybe 10 minutes. So impressive. Not getting paid to promote, but I suggest you checking him out if you want great quality edits. Some of my pictures be not as great until he puts his spin on it. This look was outstanding. I used the jeans in 3 different shoots and they are now officially retired from photoshoots. I used them enough. I’m still rebuilding my wardrobe from my recent weight loss surgery, so it’s taking time. Taking it one purchase at a time. 

The jacket was dope, but the sleeves were kinda short on me per usual. I’m 6’3 with very long arms. Most of my sleeves are always a little short. So I made this work by wearing this all black turtle neck tee from Asos. From here you can’t tell the jacket is a little short. Can you?

These shades were perfect for this fit. I didn’t know when I was going to wear these shades. The brand contacted and gifted me these. They were pretty nice and low prices. Follow them and purchase these shades from amazon. I topped this look off with some Jordan Son Of Mars. I was thinking of wearing the boots from National Harbor, but I took these pictures on my 23rd birthday. Marking off my Jordan year by wearing some Jordans only felt right.

This shoot was cool. My confidence was on high, but no one was around. That’s the part I don’t like. I want to get to a point mentally where the outer world doesn’t influence how I talk or move. Where I’m just comfortable and confident everywhere I am. Tell me what you think of this look in the comments and how I did. This shoot was fun and I can’t wait for the next location. 

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