Writing Prompt #95

Writing Prompt #95: 3 pet peeves as a poem. 

Yes, a prompt where I can let loose

Log off now if this applies to you

A pet peeve of mine is repeating the same thing to me 

After you see me doing it

Specifically parents

Yes, I’m sending shots

You better duck’ cause it’s getting hot

It’s the one thing that makes me so hot

Take out the trash

Then ask me again when you see me holding trash

Like when you say wake up you need help with groceries

Then ask me again when you see me getting ready like, can I get dress

Literally pisses me off

I hate when people play games on their phone

On full Blast

Like word to martin, ain’t nobody trying to hear that bullshit man

Speaking of hearing shit, man

I hate when someone can’t say Exum

It’s literally X then sum

No 12 years of schooling and I heard X Zoom upon every introduction

I have so much confusion ,

Where is the zoom coming from?

This ain’t virtual learning

Mispronouncing my name is my top pet peeve

What’s yours?

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