Writing Prompt #94

Writing Prompt #94: 10 Things I can’t live without

How about a list for today? For this prompt, I made a list of things that I can’t live without. If there was an apocalypse tomorrow, these are the objects I’m going to grab on the way out. Some may be too big to even try, but wherever I end up, I hope I have these items. Let’s get started. Be sure to leave your list in the comments below.

10 things I can’t live without 

  1. MacBook
  2. IPhone X
  3. Bed
  4. Power
  5. Cartier Cologne ,
  6. Jimmy Choo Cologne (I like to smell good)
  7. Shower (A shower before and after a long day is the best.
  8. Music Equipment (For recording various projects)
  9. My Foamposites (Prize possession)
  10. My Clothes (Got to look and feel good every day) 

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