Happy New Year 2021

Weekly Thoughts #83: Happy New Year 2021

Can you believe it’s a new year? Last year felt like one long month. 2020 was one of the worst years. It was just death after death. Celebrity gone one by one. Lost legends monthly. Then this virus continued to take out our families. I had become numb to the police situations after a while. Protesting that was like talking to a wall. I found myself laughing at the world’s responses to simple demands. Please don’t kill us black people. Turned into white voice actors not playing black people roles. Like, huh? How does it even relate? But any ways this is a new year. New year and hopefully some sort of blessings for all of us. Something more than $600.

So I switched up the way I do my monthly goals last year by doing poems during the monthly goals and results list. So I think I want to switch up the goals to just a simple list and why. Then the results be a poem. It’s just easier for me to write that way. Tell me what you think about it. This upcoming week, the writing prompt Wednesday is back. I slacked off for a couple of weeks. The remaining weeks of 2020 had no prompts.

2021, what do you have installed for us? What do you think going to happen this year? Better yet, what you want from this year? I’m personally chasing a bag. Bag meaning money. I need to provide for myself. I want it and I’m going to have it. I want to be more aggressive with my goals. I’m in charge of myself. There’s nothing stopping me from accomplishing my goals. Then let’s get to it. Stop hoping it’s going to happen. Make it happen. I had to talk to myself for a moment there. I hope your first week was progressive. The first week post wise was good. I had a good amount of posts and I think great quality.

Almost forgot. I finally posted Letter To Her. It’s been a natural treasure to my eyes for the past couple of months. I was sitting on that one. Go check it out if you haven’t already. I wanted to leave that entanglement in 2020 with one last poem about her. See you all next week.

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