Letter To Her

This year was what it was. In my personal life, I experienced a loving friendship that felt like one wanted more than the other. Then I experienced a feeling like heartbreak, I guess. Where the feelings for one disappeared out of thin air. Anyway, let’s just let the poetry speak for itself. Enjoy and Happy New Year’s Eve.

Letter to Her:

Sometimes I wish I never met you

It’s like I fell in love with the idea of you

I thought the pics of you was enough

But in person you was adorable

I liked how you adored me when I didn’t even like my reflection

In a little time you became my best friend

The emotions you made me unlock to write a masterpiece like her

I never thought I would write a love piece, but you made that possible

For that I will forever rock with you

But we fell out

Sometimes I think it’s because you had love for me

But I only seen you as a bestie

They always say love is strong but lust is even stronger

In my head I knew staying around just for pleasure would be even more wrong

How could I become the men that tried to groom me?

No, I got to be better

I became distant when love and lust no longer looked alike

I can’t lie

Like I didn’t enjoy your company

I’ll always be one phone call away

When you need a shoulder to cry on ,

I use to check up on you weekly

But I knew you missed us speaking

We both said we don’t want a relationship

But we know we didn’t act like it

FaceTime calls till 2 in the morning

I’m talking while you falling asleep and then I all I hear is you snoring

Right before you hit mute

Man that stuff be so cute

Late night car rides

Was such a vibe with no music

We just listened to each other voice

Call each other besties but we stayed kissing on each other lips

I was older, but you was experienced

I can’t lie like you didn’t teach me some things

But I’m a fast learner

2 finger combo look kinda like a burner

Not even 2 minutes before you started bussing

You felt embarrassed, but I just started blushing

As blood started rushing down ,

Do I really wish I never met you?

I don’t know really, I’m just vibing

Vibing to the memories that we shared

My favorite moments are when I took your air

But when lust and love started looking clear

I started thinking about all the things I didn’t like

For instance, I’m a low key type of guy

And you out here telling these people about me

And I don’t even know these people

All bad things like we didn’t have pleasant moments

Letting them insult me

Man, I guess that’s where that age started showing

Then you wanted the girlfriend lifestyle, but I been said I wasn’t into that life

I thought we had an understanding

I said I wasn’t ready

I can tell that disapproval weighed heavy

You always seemed like you was putting your past dude’s weight on my shoulders

That was a weight as heavy as a bolder

I don’t know what they did or thought of you, but I know it was enough to weigh your confidence down

That’s something I wished I could have seen more of

But I can’t put the blame all on you it was times when I tried to hide a message instead of being blunt

Told you in the beginning I wasn’t ready financially or mentally

I remember you took that jokingly

Laughed at the words that came from my mouth

Like I was telling a joke

But I will not mope

Not ready financially Means no money in my pocket

You want to see a movie but my pockets is empty

You want me to take you out to eat but I don’t have nothing to feed you with

Get it?

Mentally I’m not ready

I still have my days when depression is weighing heavy

My biggest fear is lashing out on someone I care about

I’m just vibing don’t even know if this is going out

Still, this is my letter to her

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