December Results 2020

December Results 2020: Just going to do a simple list to close it out for this month. Like, comment, and follow for more of my journey.

  1. Get 2,000 views this month: So close this time but didn’t make the cut. Reached 1,400 views this month.
  2. Finish Reading 1st To Die by James Patterson: Done and I’m currently reading the second book of the series.
  3. Do something unusual: We did a feature. It was unusual because I usually put this off to the side. Tell them I’m not interested or one day in time it’ll happen. This one wasn’t a good fit for me. But I wanted to prove I can do it. So we did it and I would do it again with anyone. Often people listen to songs and they remember that feature verse more than they remember the actual song title. That was my motivation while writing my verse. The only thing different I would have done was not rush. I rushed the recording process.
  4. Get to 270: Just 7 more pounds. All I needed, and I failed.
  5. Enjoy Christmas: It was good. Wasn’t that special, but I got my Mac fixed, so that was great. Along with some other splendid gifts.

So 3/5 not bad. Only can get better next month.

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