Top Poems Of 2020

We’re coming to an end of 2020 and its time I run down my top poems of 2020. In my opinion these 5 right here top all the others this year. Leave your picks in the comments if you have some. I would love to explore some new poems from you all. Let’s get to it.

Top Poems Of 2020:

1.      Goodbye Text: This one was special. For my returning viewers, do you remember the poem titled “Her”. Well, this is like the downfall of that little entanglement. It doesn’t list the problems like another poem I wrote for that situation. But it sums it up in a quicker way. Also, the beat by caps control on YouTube is so dope. It has some bass to it. I’m surprised that I even flowed on it.

2.      Being Black: Amid the riots and peaceful protests. I gave my thoughts on being black in America. I loved how I sounded on this one. The cover was dope too. I was going to go with a serious look. I kind of thought about imitating a victim of a police crime, but decided to just let my words speak for me.

3.      Mountains: I love this one. One lonely morning of free thinking made this possible. I just had a couple things on my mind that I wanted to release. I still wonder how life would be if I was living somewhere else. I still feel like I climb mountains every day.

4.      Hotel: I remember when I wrote this in the what I thought was the middle of the pandemic. I was texting this girl. On some cocky stuff I said I was writing. That wasn’t the cocky part. But I asked her to give me a topic to write about. She said Social distancing,  Virtual Learning, Facetime Dates, Coronacation. And I took those 4 topics and made my first love spoken word. I think it came out dope. I didn’t include virtual learning.

5.      ABC Poem: So creative. This was very hard to do, especially the last letters of the alphabet. You name a word that starts with X that makes sense in a poem? I couldn’t name one. I was researching for like 40 minutes, trying to come up with something. People with these poems used words that sounded like it started with “X”. Like Example or something along those lines. The meaning of the poem was to bring awareness to Breonna Taylor.

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