Merry Christmas!

Weekly Thoughts #82: Merry Christmas!

This week I did my first feature this week. Received a DM about doing a feature. I have literally seen at least 5 of these DMs before. But I always tell them no or tell them one day I’ll do it. Then never talk to them again. Not this time. I just wanted to do it. I didn’t even do it for money. I just had to prove to myself I could. Spoken word slash rap collaboration has been done. Have to cross one off the bucket list. Was nervous, but took a couple hours to write and record. I have no idea for when it’s coming but will let you all know when it does. My Verse is below.

Change Ft: 

 How you want me to change?
 But this the man you fell in love with
 Worried bout all these chicks
 When your vibe the only one I’m fucking with
 I only got a taste for your lips
 Your body is my picnic
 Love the taste of every inch of it
 From your rolls, to the waves on your ass that flow like ocean when I hit it
 Them pretty brown eyes
 Shine bright enough to make the sun jealous 
 God blessed me when he made you
 My loyalty lies with you
 They can look but I’ll never touch
 Waiting on a me to change
 But I never switched up on you
 There’s nobody like you
 Your one of a kind like the Mona Lisa 

The feature came out. The song was about like some being insecure about their partner. Basically about trying to get the girl back. So that’s why I wrote that. I think I could have recorded it better. It was okay, not my best work on my part. It was an enjoyable experience. I want to do more, actually. I know some people that rap too. It’s going to happen soon. I like the challenge. It reminds me of my weekly writing prompts.

On the topic of writing prompts. I have missed 3 weeks in a row. I am truly sorry. I have found none that has inspired me to write a poem. I guess I’m having another writer’s block. I‘m going to work through it. I’m going to make up those 3 that I missed. No excuses.

Christmas came and went just like that. It honestly just felt like another Friday. It didn’t feel joyful as all the other years. Quite boring, but I hope yours was better. On the timeline, it was plenty that enjoyed theirs. So that’s great, I guess. I got a couple of good items. My mother was the real MVP, like all the other years of my life. She got my mac fixed, new shoes, and airpods. I love that woman. What did you receive? Tell me in the comments and I’ll see you next week.

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