National Harbor

Perfect Shot: National Harbor 

The National Harbor.  A location by the historic Potomac River. Close to the nation’s capital. A place with many stores and a great big wheel that showcases the D.C really well. A place I had on my location list for a while now. I searched for my perfect shot in this fine area. This shoot was to serve as my birthday shoot considering it was a day before my birthday and I think we knocked it out the park. Let’s break it down now.

This statue was the highlight of the entire trip. It was just so out there. It was just randomly placed outside of some store and seeing people’s reactions. Them taking pictures and pointing and touching the private region made it funny. Plus, friends’ friendly commentary made it hilarious.

I would come back here for fun when the world opens back up. Maybe walk a little further up and check out some stores. Maybe get on the Capital wheel for the first time in my life.

My outfit was simple. I wore a Button-down shirt from My favorite site to shop from now. Their collection is pretty good. For sizing, I’m usually a 2xl, but I went to 3xl just to be sure that this shirt fit well. I usually go up a size for button downs and jackets. The pants were from boohoo as well. The super skinny black jeans. I love the super skinny jeans from them. I have a couple of pairs now. I like when my pants let my shoe just show out. It stops before the shoe and lets my shoes do the talking. 

This shoot had a fresh look other than sneakers like my previous. I wanted some dressy Chelsea boots that I found on They were very comfortable. Last, I had this mask that was found at a local beauty supply store. Yes, and it’s a BLM Mask. I thought it was pretty cool.

Every time I look for the perfect shot. I also look to improve on my posing and my scenery. Creating photos that look different from the others. I’m not a model, but this is fun to me. It’s a hobby I enjoy doing and bringing to you. So like, comment and follow to stay in tune for more. 

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