Merry Christmas To Me

Weekly Thoughts 81: Merry Christmas To Me

In my spoiled mood, I have to just say I miss my Mac. It’s so uncomfortable using this dell. I’m not even motivated like that on this dinosaur. I know it’ll all be worth it, but it’s really annoying right now. My whole setup has changed. It’s at a shop and I hope something wakes it back up. I haven’t made a new spoken word in months. I haven’t written one in weeks, and it’s killing me. I feel so defeated.

How was that review on Friday? I don’t think I write excellent reviews. Part of the reason I stopped doing book talks is that I don’t think it’s that good. I’m still studying book reviews. I wanted to give my opinion without telling the book that I so desperately wanted to tell. I wanted to tell what I learned and how it changed my writing. While also baiting the audience into reading this book to have an enjoyable moment like I did. Check that blog out and tell me how you think I did. 1st to die by James Patterson.

December 18th, I awakened from a nap to hear a truck outside. The type of truck that would make any kid jump out of bed to buy some ice cream. Yet this truck didn’t sell ice cream. It delivered packages to the adults. This package today was my MacBook, all fixed up and ready to go. After being in the shop for a couple of days. The joy I felt when I saw that logo pop up on the screen. Yesterday was a good day.

This week was kinda hopeless until Saturday arrived. I couldn’t get in the mood to create anything until then. Now we’re back to our scheduled programming after 8 long months. I’ll never take this machine for granted again. Still through it all I stayed blogging and kept going no matter what. I blogged through the word press app on my phone for a couple of months. My sister allowed me to use her computer for a couple of months. We were damn near swapping turns every day. My dell got fixed along the way, then that became my main computer. For my spoken word journey. My friend allowed me to use his MacBook for a couple of months. I never gave up. Thursday I had some doubt, but I came back to my senses as I released a book talk on Friday. 

For this week, I can say we’re back. Hope you all enjoy your Christmas this week coming up. I’ll be back next Sunday for another weekly thoughts. We have been growing the last few days. Looking at 286 followers now. Would be sweet to hit 300 followers by the end of this year. Anyway see you all next Sunday. Merry Christmas To Me.

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