1st To Die By James Patterson

Book Talk: 1st to die By James Patterson

 Today we have an oldie but goodie. This masterpiece debuted in March 2001. Written by the great James Patterson. It’s the first book of The Women’s Murder Club. A series with 20 books in the series. The latest book to come from this series is the 20th Victim which debuted in March 2020. This book introduces 4 women with unique skills taking on murder cases. This is 1st To Die, and it’s time to have a book talk.

 This book was by far the best book I ever read. Incredible kept me on my toes every time. Chapters was so short that it didn’t feel like I was reading 400 pages. It kept you wanting to change the page even when you put it off to the side. Not to give any spoilers, but one of the death’s tore me apart.  Aside from that, I felt for Lindsay. She was battling Neglis ( a serious sickness) it was eating at her insides. While trying to figure out these random but similar deaths.  I felt like Lindsay was an actual person and I wanted her to win the whole way. Every twist and turn that this mystery held, I still was rooting for the women’s murder club. Mr. Patterson made you feel like the major character was on her last leg and was giving everything she had to these cases. But not to tell too much. This book was epic. The end had me shook but also had me let out a big “I knew it” when the killer was finally revealed. James Patterson needs his roses now. A great author that I’m seeing has plenty of great masterpieces that I plan on viewing.

 This may be the first of the series, but I plan to read on. I have already borrowed 2nd Chance (The second book of the series) from the library. I plan on being done with that sooner than I was with 1st to die. I’m so terrible with my reading habits. I have been getting better, but this book could have been done. I kept pushing this book to the side like I had something better to do. I finally sat down and finished this book after holding it for 2 months.

 Something I can take away from this book as a young author. Is the research for this book. I learned so much while reading along. Like the health side was a big part that had me doing searches throughout. Neglis is a new disease, I learned. Even the description of someone having an attack was different to read instead of seeing in a movie or something along those lines. Even the sudden weather incident, just the research and descriptive writing, showed me my flaws that I need to work on. I repeat the best book by far that I read. To be a writer, learn through other author’s books. Mr. Patterson’s book here was a brilliant study and I know second chance will have me hooked as well. Make sure you check this out as well. And follow his social down below.

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