Are you ready for 2021?

Weekly Thoughts #80: Are you ready for 2021?

I have sent my Macbook away to another shop. Just being without it feels so weird. Just thinking back like I have made a lot with it. Had it for 8 years. I made my first website with it. I wrote and published my first speech with it. Published an anthology with it. Created The Story of Charles Levi with it and every spoken word I ever created was done with it. The memories. I hope we get to make many more memories when it comes back home, hopefully.

February 28th is so long away, but I should start planning now. The origin of that date to me was my first gigantic leap in the poetry world. They say the most important step is the first step. February 28th, 2016 was the day I released my first spoken word to the world. So I have been making it a habit to release a poem on that date every year. It’s become my anniversary. 2016, I kicked it off with New World. In 2017 I came with a whole mix tape called Words Of Fury. 2018 I may have skipped it. Not sure, I had another blog host before this one, so I’m unsure. 2019: I skipped it for sure. I finally picked back up this year with Worst Quality Spoken Word. Also known as Writing Prompt 53.  Wow, seeing as though I missed two posts makes me want to do 3 this year to make up. I might do that. Maybe a spoken word for streaming services. A poem for the blog. Then maybe a new video of me reciting a poem for YouTube & IGTV. That sounds like a plan.

Christmas is coming, and it doesn’t feel like it. For the second time, my family isn’t giving gifts. So it’s a canceled Christmas for everyone but me. Because I’m my own Santa this year. I have been shopping and I’m going to continue to shop. The must-have item this year is a ring light tripod. I don’t know how I went this long without one. I have a setup of my own, but it’s so unusual. What I do is use a regular camera tripod then attach a desk selfie ring light tripod to the regular. It’s so weird I did it one day because the lighting in my room was terrible. It just kind of stuck like that. Tired of that routine now. It’s just easier to invest in a ring light tripod.

That wraps up my weekly thoughts. Still, some more manifestation going on this week. I guess I’m just trying to prepare for the new year. I want to drop great content next year. I want to and I’m going to. Mark the date. Are you ready for 2021?

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