Manifesting For 2021

Weekly Thoughts #79: Manifesting For 2021

The first week of December has ended. So it’s time for another entry into my personal life behind blogging. This week I manifested some things for next year. This post will be evidence for next year, so I can prove it to myself.

December goals were 2 days late this week, but it made it. I was struggling with what my last set of goals for this year were. I aimed high and I plan to give it my all. So if you haven’t checked out that post, then do so after this post.

Writing into the new year. I have been trying to write a bunch of posts. I wish I didn’t get tired when it came to making up posts because I would try to write 365 posts. Sadly, I’ll write a good two weeks’ worth and have a writer’s block for the next two.

I have already started planning another photoshoot. Black Friday helped with the way I was shopping. My next shoot has to have more bright colors. I want to keep expanding on colors. I want bright colors next. Maybe something like bright yellow or all white. Just switch it up. The location is something I’m still thinking about. I would love to do a location near some mountains or something. Be with the wilderness for a winter shoot. That’s all I have so far. I want to take pictures monthly next year. This so-called hobby is just so addictive now. I just love me and love to look at myself. God is great. Self-centered is what it sounds like, but when you lose nearly 200 pounds, you can’t help but be amazed to see the new you.

Blogmas is on my list for next year. I watch a lot of vlogmas during the holidays. A Pinterest search showed me a bit of the blogging community doing it. But I think next year will be my first time doing it. K’s Blogmas. That’ll be great. So a lot of dreaming this week. I think it’s good to manifest these things. Speaking of manifestation, one of the Christmas gifts I want for myself is a Vision Board. It worked for others and I think it will for me. Also, I think if I’m constantly looking at the Dreams I want to achieve that it will keep me focused. Anyway check out my previous posts until my next post is uploaded.

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