December Goals 2020

Time to do some goal setting. This month is obviously the last month and we have 5 more life goals to achieve. This year I have been very productive and I won’t stop now. Below are my personal goals as a poem and a list as well for this month. Now you can tell me yours in the comments.

Sometimes you have to talk to yourself to really get it

It don’t mean your tripping

It just means you need to have a talk with the one that matters

To gain control of your circumstances before it all shatters

I just have to say K, you’re a writer ,

Trying to get higher

Then you have to read books constantly

To gain more knowledge

And keep your writing skills solid

Having an idea will not cut it

Work at it

Improve your skill a bit

And learn how to write better by reading others storylines

Jermaine Cole would have never become J. Cole if he never listened to Nas, Keep that in mind

Study, practice, Execute that’s how chasing your dreams work

Keep going till you make it out the dirt

Keep going till you’re out the basement

And in an apartment

Our body shifted, but it’s time we grind so we can exit

It’s the last month and we need to finish 1st to die

By James Patterson, a brilliant author

Someone with a great legacy

Something that we’re trying to achieve

Since we’re going all out

Let’s finish the route

And drop 7 more pounds

So we can hit our ultimate goal weight

It’s possible just focus on the goal and forget about that plate

We ate everything we starve for

We changed our physical core

Now train your mind to love the new food

This is only going to benefit you

This isn’t a diet, it’s a life change

Readjust your aim and focus on what’s important

Keep our foot on the pedal and try to get 2,000 views

For the second time this year ,

Our comfort zone is our biggest problem

If we never done something

We’ll never get it done because we’re not comfortable

This month I want you to do something uncomfortable

Feel the nerves and get used to it

It’ll only strengthen us

Lastly, let’s just enjoy Christmas

December Goals 2020:

1.      Get 2,000 views this month

2.      Finish Reading 1st To Die by James Patterson: I have literally been on this book forever. I keep getting distracted, but the book holds my attention every time I pick it up. I need to take the time to finish it.

3.      Do something unusual: let me explain. I want to do something that we’re scared to do. I love my comfort zone like a toxic ex with good sex. You know the relationship is going nowhere, but the sex is too good for you to walk away. I want to cut off my ex and stand on my own. I want to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

4.      Get to 270: I wanted this weight goal before the end of the year. Seeing though it’s the last month. It’s worth a shot. I want to get my goal weight. Just 7 more pounds.

5.      Enjoy Christmas: with how messed up this year has been still find a way to enjoy your Christmas.

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