November Results 2020

The month of November 2020 has come to an end. Now it’s time we write a poem about how my month went when it came to my November Goals 2020.

November Results:

Lights in the sky

Here I rise

As I try to tell a story using rhymes ,

November went by so fast

Still, I was able to drop some weight

It wasn’t a goal, but now I’m 7 pounds away from my goal

How’s that for not losing control

I turned 23 and had another quarantine B-day

It was okay

But I hope, I do something special next year

No point in downing it, this year has been a downward spiral

I released goodbye text hoping to go viral

Lord I got to stop dreaming

Need to figure out ways to get more people streaming

Feels like I only get their attention now is when I’m posting more photos of myself

I miss the days when my poetry was the one getting liked

Now I’m the center of attention

I have my eyes on so many things I feel like my pics and poetry are in competition

November is over

But still I know this fight is not over

The single is out, but it needs to be cuffed

Until then I still long for the day I see 2,000 views again

The sun is about to rise

And I wake up to more thoughts roaming through this creative dome

November Results 2020

The List:

1.     Get 2,000 views this month: I came half way but not all the way.

2.     Release Goodbye Text Spoken Word: Goodbye Text was released on the 15th on all platforms. Along with a lyric video.

3.     Take some photos for model dreams: I set out on two adventures and had some great photos. Some are still to come.

4.     Don’t lose control on Thanksgiving: I limited myself to only one plate this year that was miniature. It had maybe 30 carbs on the plate. I had a one desert though.

5.     Enjoy your birthday: My 23rd Birthday was pretty successful in my eyes. Didn’t do much, but in this pandemic there’s not much you can a pandemic. I got exceptional gifts from dope people. I had a dope photoshoot on my birthday. I had my pictures edited, and they came out amazing. Also goodbye text was released 2 days before and got some great feedback from my musical uncle. Whose opinion matters a lot to me because he’s always been so supportive.

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