Goodbye Text

Goodbye Text: Is my latest Spoken Word single as of today. It was released November 15th 2020. It is available on all platforms. Down below is the lyric video and a link to where you can download it.

This spoken word can be streamed and downloaded through the link below.

Goodbye Text Lyrics:

Damn, hit me with the goodbye text

And you blocked me on the gram

Alright I see where we at

Hope you get this message 

If you don’t, it’s whatever 

How did our so call friendship lead to a breakup?

I don’t even want to make up

Just want to speak my peace

I swear it was like we was driving on a road with no clue of our destination 

I was a working progress and you was running out of patience 

I knew one day you would get tired of waiting

Tired of looking in the mirror and debating 

Debating whether it’s you or him

So you sent a goodbye text

I was so faded and fatigued when I got the text

But as soon as I seen it I said ok without putting up a fuss

I just been done with us

You was so mixy and I didn’t know how to fix it

A friendship is supposed to be an addition, not a job

I can’t lie, like I had everything figured out

I didn’t, and I kept mentioning that, but it was like you wasn’t comprehending

And I was tired of explaining 

Have you ever felt like a mime

I was always talking all the time

But it was like you wasn’t hearing shit

Just ready to run to your friends and talk shit

Without understanding shit,

Niggas and bitches talking behind my back 

I know they wouldn’t say that shit to my face

I wanted a friend, and you wanted a boyfriend 

So how was we ever going work out?

Although you say you didn’t 

You didn’t act like it

Always wanted me to text you for 24 hours 

If a hour slip I was being distant, 

I had to be consistent 

Just to remain seen

Anyways We never knew where this road would take us

I just wanted a homie

But the Scorpio in me could picture myself in your stomach 

How couldn’t I, when you was being so confusing 

Through texts we would sext

On the phone you would talk real sexually

In person you’ll be real quiet

But still so touchy

So I’ll get touchy 

You say you like it rough so I’ll grab your neck roughly 

You indulge in fellatio 

But when clothes came off,

That’s when you’ll say pause cause you don’t want to take it that far

Then I’ll oblige because the K don’t stand for Kelly

Then later on you’ll be speaking sexually

It was so difficult 

So when talks about me being distant Came up

I just didn’t know what to do

Want to be friends but I should text you consistently 

Want to be friends but I should kiss on your lips and shit

Man, that shit was Confusing

Thank god for that goodbye text

Thank god man

How you say it?

Have an amazing life, right?

Have an amazing life



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