Weekly Thoughts 78: 252 Followers!

Ah 78, another special number. Let’s look at memory lane. These pictures are probably 6 years old now. Shout out to my high school, Fairmont Heights High School. I had about 3 jersey numbers. I believe 78 was the last number I wore. Enough of the memories let’s talk about Weekly Thoughts 78.

My shopping addiction. I spent $150 in just 30 minutes. I have been shopping for clothes all year. Between fashion nova and boohoo, I’m going to get money and go broke. Especially boohoo. A year ago I always thought I would be more into fashion nova, but their catalog doesn’t have my attention no more. Some of their tees are still cool. Like this Karen shirt I just brought. I can’t wait to wear to wear that one and this cool pink shirt that I just purchased.

Promotions, man, I’m struggling. I suck at it. So many will say just be yourself. How when myself is quiet? Get on camera and be mute is being me. I’m an introvert trying to sell records and books. I’m laughing as I write this. I wrote that to let you know the tone right now. Goodbye Text is out now on all platforms is my best line for promoting. I need something else. What can I do to sell this record?

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I haven’t written a poem in weeks. I’m burnt out. I was writing multiple poems a week for the last 4 years. Why can’t I think of something? I’m supposed to be writing November results and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m trying to come up with something as I write this. I always think like this and then write something great 10 minutes later. Let’s see how we do on the 30th.

Some good news as of November 26th, we reached 252 followers. I have to thank you for that and your continued support for each post. This journey has been fun and even more exciting knowing theirs more people watching. This is the end of this post. Hope you enjoyed. I been adding some pictures recently. Just trying it out. Maybe it’ll be a better read if you could see the things I’m writing about. This month is almost over, but I’m looking to finish strong with all the posts I posted this week. For a refresher see all the posts from this week down below. See you next week.


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