U. S National Arboretum

Perfect Shot: U. S National Arboretum

The U. S National Arboretum can be found on 3501 New York Avenue North East Washington, DC. Upon arrival, it’s really just a large fence with an open gate when it’s open to the public from 8 am to 5 pm. Times may change because of holidays and such. Honest opinion from the outside it looks like a grave sight. You would never think that beyond this gate there is a huge paradise filled with people walking and talking. Playing with their pets. Eating with friends they haven’t seen in a while. Last, there’s people taking photos of each other just like me.

I found this place through yelp like all my other locations in the perfect shot series. On my quest to find the perfect shot, I explored the grounds of this palace. This location was fabulous. I must admit it looks better on the inside than the outside. It’s so huge on the inside. It’s like opening up the closet to Narnia. But some features like the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum weren’t open to the public. So we worked around it. I got a couple of shots in a bush full of sunflowers and bees. So a little fear came about while taking these pictures. FYI, I dislike bees.

On this day I wanted to go for a casual athletic type style. I wore skinny blue joggers. I would link them but they’re out of stock now on Asos. Next I had worn a fitted white V neck Luxe T. I have probably been wearing luxe tees since I was a baby. They were created in 2001 for the urban style. I been around since 97 and been wearing them ever since they were on the scene. Next I wore one of my favorite shoes out of my collection. The Nike Chuck posites. Which debuted March 28, 2015. I believe my sister gifted me these for my birthdate that year. They were available for $200. Fun fact, these shoes glow in the dark. Bright green when the sun is down and the stars are in the sky. Almost forgot to mention these cool shades from Van linker. They had a comfy fit. A style I always wanted to try. It’s something different from the aviator style shades I usually wear. They were pretty low in price. Only costed me $17.

Now let’s talk about my social anxiety. I don’t know if I have social anxiety, but it feels like I do. I write this to say because when I posed for these pictures by these pillars. I was so nervous. Like not enough to shake, but enough to barely take good photos. I was trying to pose but just felt like all eyes were on me. I might be alone on this one but I was so nervous but I don’t know why. So I did the best I could do. I did it scared or while heavily nervous.

Just because of my nerves and how slightly good this outfit was. I want to do this location again. Maybe with a casual style in the winter. So I can wear a long trench coat or something. That might happen now that I think about it. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post. Forgot to mention I edited these photos except for the 3 below this paragraph. This guy edited these on Fiverr. Check him out if you would like to. See you next time on my adventure to find the Perfect Shot.

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