23rd Birthday

Weekly Thoughts 77: 23rd Birthday

Weekly Thoughts 77, my favorite number. I used to love wearing 77 back in high school. I always felt some power when I wore that jersey. It’s crazy how these are the only pictures I can find of that time. Oh well.

This week held my 23RD birthday on Tuesday. I honestly did nothing for my birthday. I’m not the party type, so a small get together for the sake of COVID was out the question. Going out to eat seemed pointless and overdone. I always go out to eat on my birthday, so I just didn’t want to do it. Especially with family. Am I the only one who hates going out with family? I just feel like I have to stick to being Man Man (Family nickname) instead of being myself. Also, it feels pointless because life after surgery is eating 3 scoops of starch then I’m just watching everyone else eat. So long story short, I chilled for the night of my birthday. During the day I did a quick photoshoot. I was still satisfied with that. I received 2 sweat suits from boohoo that my cousin purchased and some cash from other family members.

The next few months are going to feature a lot of model dreams. Between the National Arboretum pictures, national harbor pictures and walker mill park pictures. Let’s just say I have a lot of photos. I had a lot of them edited already. Now I’m just scheduling them. I’m thinking of doing one every day because I have so many and want to post all of them. Along the way, I will take some more and be able to keep it going hopefully. Trust when I tell you it’s a little difficult.

I only say it’s difficult because the last month has been hell. I was trying to do a studio shoot so badly. Either a photographer costed me too much or they just stop returning calls. I was so frustrated and defeated by the time I finally got the chance to take more pictures. I’m still hashing it out with a brand because I have yet to receive a refund from a high priced order that I returned a month ago. Now they don’t even see my order. But I got 2 photo shoots done and am happy with the outcome.

The biggest update from this week is that I lost some more weight. I’m at 277 pounds. I wanted 270 by my birthday but that was only a dream I didn’t work for. That’s why I don’t have it. Sometimes your plan has to match your action in order for you to complete it. I didn’t work as hard as I should’ve. So I failed.

That’s pretty much it for this week. I hope you enjoyed Writing Prompt 91, TBH Part II, and this post. With the posting of model dreams every day will keep the blog updated consistently. Trust those won’t be the only post published every day. I will double upload. Also welcome to the new followers. We’re at 243 and can only grow from here. See you all next time.

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