Breaks Over

Weekly Thoughts #76: Breaks Over

I missed just about an entire week of posting last week. I believe I only posted twice. I didn’t even do a weekly thoughts last week. I had one semi complete by Sunday last week but just didn’t finish. I procrastinated a lot last week. So we’re just going to call last week a slight break from blogging. So I kicked off this week with 3 new posts and a new spoken word.

Onto some bad news this week. I’m losing all hope with this photoshoot. The photographer flaked on me. Then my homie flaked too. Now I’m stuck with 2 outfits, a camera, and a little time before Tuesday. Tuesday is my 23rd birthday. God, I’m getting old. I still want to post some flicks on that day, so I’m still going to get that done. It was my one promise to myself and part of my November Goals for this year. So I won’t rest till I capture some flicks of me.

Some good news from this week is Goodbye Text is out now. I’m so excited for this one. This is the ending of that little entanglement that I mentioned in Her. I also have a second version of her that I’m thinking about posting here. But Goodbye Text was more of the summed up version that I fell in love with. Below you’ll find the Lyric Video and a link to ways of streaming it. Go support my spoken word journey now.

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