Be You (Poem)

Throwback Poem of the week goes to, Be You. A spoken word that I released on all platforms. Make sure you check that out along with the lyric video down below.

Be You:

Why can’t we live in our own skin?

Why is our truth defined by the features we possess?

Look at genders and see how possessed we are to have control

A male can’t do no wrong

If he cheats then he just cheats

But if a woman cheats she a hoe

Just thinking like, what’s really the goal

If he has a one night stand then he’s the man

If she has a one night stand.

Then she’s even less of a woman

If her body count is over 10

Then she’s easy

And don’t deserve a ring

No point in even mentioning the men

Because at this moment his homies is calling him big pimpin

I say this to say why do we always want to control the women?

Why is what she do contradict your personal thoughts on her?

If she make one move that’s unethical or not apart of tradition

Then she’s out of line and needs hoe to be her position

But why

Why they want to control what you do?

Just be you

Girl you beautiful

Everything you do will not satisfy them

It won’t satisfy him

Just be you

Because at the end of the day they will still judge

Best thing to do is be you

Or you will fall trying to be someone your not

Just be you

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