November Goals 2020

November Goals 2020: Time to write out a game plan for this month. Let’s start with a free versed poem. Just let the mind unravel on this one. A rhyme here that connects to another like a vine on a tree. I’m trying so hard to sound poetic. You get it; I hope. Check out the poem and list below.

November Goals 2020 Poem:

God, another month

I can’t front

Like this year hasn’t been hectic

But I look to make the best of it

It’s the 11th month of a year filled with death

Exposing hate

While covid continue to elevate

And the want for a new leader rises

As we look for better but only find Biden

Didn’t like my decision

Had to trust his vision

My brain still laughs at the thought of ye

But hey look at what’s in office now

They’re all the same at this point

2nd time voting and I still feel like what’s the point?

They say voting is our voice

But I say how when it’s multiple choice

I have to pick between people that plans don’t serve the world that I would like to have

So how is that my voice?

My vote should be someone I think or know that would serve a greater purpose

And not choosing someone so the other candidate or party doesn’t win

But anyway, it’s the month of my birthday

I can’t wait till the 17th day

So I can celebrate in quarantine

The previous years I did birthday celebrations like it was quarantine

Hopefully, this one is better, I guess

But I won’t lose rest

I want to make it great, anyway

Aside from that day

I have to be strict with myself for thanksgiving

I always gain so much on thanksgiving

It’s something about my mother’s cooking that be making me want more

Mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole, ham, and cheese cake

Ooh, my mouth waters by just the thought

This is just another test for my weight loss

I can’t afford to take a loss

Next I want 2,000 views

I know it can happen with the help from you

I have to release goodbye text

Out of all the releases this year, I know this is better than the rest

I listen to it almost all the time

Last, I need pictures for model dreams

It’s been a minute since I took some new ones

Some good ones

My last couple didn’t have the best fit

I tried to go for an athletic style

And it wasn’t worth my wild

The setting was magnificent but kind of wasted

I’ll definitely have to redo that location one day

But this is November, and we have some work to do

Let’s get started

The List:

1.      Get 2,000 views this month

2.      Release Goodbye Text Spoken Word

3. Take some photos for model dreams

4. Don’t lose control on thanksgiving

5.      Enjoy your birthday


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