October Results 2020

October Results 2020: Not a pleasant month at all. I got burnt out. But nonetheless, here are my results in the form of a haiku.

Haiku for this month

It’s simple failed 4 passed one

Goodbye text is primed

The List:

1.      Blog posts every day: I tried. It seems so easy, but it’s not. I tried to write 2 posts in a day to keep it going throughout the month, but I got tired. I threw out poems and all, but I missed a couple of days towards the end.

2.      Write a blog post every day: Pretty much said it in number one. I wrote so many posts for the first 2 weeks, but nothing after that.

3.      Get to 280: My goal weight is 270 by the time of my birthday. I can now sit here and say I’m going to fail that. No, actually I’m going to keep faith but It’s not looking too good. I started this month at 283 and finished with 288.

4.      Prepare a new spoken word: I did it. I purchased a cover for it and got the sound edited. My voice was too low compared to the beat, but I had it corrected. I did all of this through Fiverr. So it’s prepared, but I’m looking into getting a lyric video and then it’s going to be scheduled for a release around my birthday.

5.      Get 2,000 views total for this month: We got a thousand. At least it was halfway.

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