Writing Prompt #88

First blog post of the week. This is unusual but here we go anyways with a new writing prompt and answer. Please follow, like and comment if you like my little writing prompt Wednesday series.

Writing Prompt #88: Write about five of your best talents.

1.      Creating interesting stories: I’m a great storyteller no matter how little my catalog is. I can really turn heads when I get in my story writing mode.

2.      Creating Poetry: I’m pretty good at writing poetry. It’s been 4 years since I first started. I think I’m pretty good. I have not gotten many terrible reviews. I don’t think I have gotten one. The only comments I received were probably a dislike for the topic I chose.

3.      Turning friend’s frown upside down with jokes: Is it jokes? Or am I just talking crap? Nonetheless, I make my peers laugh all the time.

4.      Losing weight: I’m talking before surgery I was losing like 6-7 pounds a week. One time I lost 15 pounds in 4 days. Biggest achievement from losing weight.

5.      Playing games: I’m great with video games. Especially like adventure games. I don’t do first-person shooter games, but anything else I’m talented with.

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