How to be seen?

Weekly Thoughts 74: How to be seen?

So I failed a goal this week. It did last longer than I thought it would. I missed a couple days of posting. The 20th day of the month is when I missed a day of posting. Then 2 more times after that. I got lazy, then I couldn’t think of what to post. The Mental Health Matters poem was so spur of the moment. It wasn’t even that good to me. I try to post more to stay consistent, but the writers blocks be killing me.

My focus should really be on getting more traffic. I need to figure out more ways to bring more family here. I love to blog and want it to be my life, but I have to profit at some point. Being talented won’t bring you income without a strong work ethic. I know I can make great content, but it’s just not being seen.

Being seen. I remember being in high school. I was 6’2 in the 9th grade. I was weighing around 320 pounds. Football was a sport I knew people of my size be playing. I only liked to write. But I was forced to play by what seemed to be everyone. There wasn’t a hall, street, room, or store that I wouldn’t be seen in and as a future big deal because of my size. I heard every line about how I was destined for the promise land. But I only wanted to write. I think I said all that because it feels like the same old struggles. Fighting to be seen for who I truly am. A writer.

That’s everything I have on my mind this week. The end of the month is almost here. Photoshoot wise. I don’t see it happening by my birthday. Maybe after it, but not before. I’m sad, but you don’t have to be too. Check out my take on Mental Health with a new Poem called Mental Health Matters. Then view this week’s Writing Prompt #87. Finish with another poem. This one is from my 2018 spoken word project titled Poetic Gift. Check out Free now. See you next week.

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  1. Sometimes it is important just for us to be ourselves, and I relate to the blogging problem. It is often hard to remain committed to blogging, especially if managing things like family, work, education etc.

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