This is from a spoken word project called Poetic Gift. Check that out if your into spoken word. Follow this blog for more poetry and enjoy the post below.


They say you can be anything in this world

Well let me see

They say be free

Being yourself is the key

But every time I’m myself they think it’s nothing but a gimmick

Another persona that I use to fit in with the crowd

But understand I wear these clothes because it makes me feel proud

I walk and talk like this cause that’s how I feel

This is not just a daily drill

I talk about my life a lot because I like to let my emotions spill

I wonder what’s the real definition of being you

They say be you and then judge your every move

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do

Get heckled for every move I make

They talk about who you date

How heavy or how light is your weight

Sometimes life is all about how much you can take

And friends are faker than blac chyna’s cakes

Compliment you and talk crazy about you on the low

I guess this how life just flow

So what’s the definition of being free

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