Writing Prompt #87

Writing Prompt #87: What positive changes have you made or experienced in the past year?

1.      Since my operation last year, I have been loving myself. The operation helped take away the pain in my heart from looking in the mirror. So now I just been doing what I always want to do, and that’s be me. Wear what I want and be happy doing it.

2.      I released a book for the first time in 4 years. It took a lot to do because I received so much unwanted hate from my family before. That made me not want to try again, and this time I got sales. So a great feeling.

3.      Taking my spoken word more serious. Just the mere fact that I dropped 3 times this year opposed to only dropping twice last year.

4.      Starting my YouTube channel. Even though it’s dry right now. That’s something that has always been on my mind, and now I have made the channel at least and will build it.

5.      Seeing the good in every situation. Instead of dwelling, I just see my wrong doings and fix it. No pouting, just actions to settle my problems.

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