Mental Health Matters

Mental health Matters

Because when my heart is shattered

And my mind is mentally battered

I pick up a pen and write out all my problems

Because that’s what’s there for me when I’m in pain

All the PTSD that I sustained

I let it go on the mic

Just so everybody out there can feel what I feel

I don’t have to hold up this shield

That the masculinity holds over my head like a mistletoe

I can just write it out and let it all go

Mental health matters

I found an outlet to let out my pain

How about you find yours

Disclaimer: Hope you enjoyed my little freestyle poem I made up on TikTok. Finding an outlet may not be your way. Your way maybe suggests outside help. Which I have never done but think is a good idea. If you want that empty feeling in your soul to disappear then you going to have to work on yourself.

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