Have I parted ways with my old self?

Weekly Thoughts #73: Have I parted ways with my old self?

Have I parted ways with my old self? With writing I can lock in and create whatever I’m thinking about writing except stories. Most times I just don’t have the urge to do so. I can write a poem in seconds. Write a speech in minutes and write a book plot in hours. But no where in there it says stories. Did I lose my old self? Or did it grow into books? I say that because every single time I try to write a story; it turns into a book. Even The Story of Charles Levi feels like it can have so much more. I was reading 1st to die by James Patterson and it has me reevaluating my whole concept of that story. Is it too late to go back? Charles Levi the novel sounds a lot better right now.

Its been maybe 3 days since I wrote that last paragraph. Now that I have had some days to think about it. Maybe I’m just so out of touch with stories. The Story Of Charles Levi was my first story I wrote in like 2 years. I watched this video by 21 time New York best-selling author Jerry Jenkins and he mentioned reading 20 short stories to get the gist for writing them. I agree, I think that’s a good idea. I read a lot of books, but it’s not the same as a short compact story. So maybe that’ll bring back my missing touch.

Photoshoot complications has been on my mind all week. I had a nice outfit in mind, but the sizing messed my dream up. I ordered a nice trench coat from Fashion nova, but the coat didn’t fit right, nor did the jeans. Now I’m planning a whole new outfit. I refuse to let a complication hold me back. I still believe I’ll get this photoshoot done before the end of the month, hopefully.

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