Writing Prompt #86

Writing Prompt #86: List three things that you would do if you weren’t afraid.

If my scary ass wasn’t afraid
I would be in a different place
Listen I would perform first
Cause my thirst for that stage success hangs over my head like a mistletoe
And I just long for the day my confidence comes and lands one on the pucker under that mistletoe
And I can finally check one-off for my goals
The goals that god bestowed upon me
They say God never gives you a challenge that you can’t handle
So I know that the fears are something that won’t do damage
But one day they’ll be handled by me
Next, I would create YouTube videos
Not for the money
No, I’m lying for the money
They say never focus on the money
But they, not the ones starving looking for money so they can put food in their stomach
I’m not starving for food
I’m starving for success
And blessings
Lastly, I’ll repeat number one
Over and over until the world can’t stop talking about me

The List:

  1. Perform at an open mics
  2. Create YouTube videos
  3. Perform in different states

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