Give A Taste: Deep Thoughts

Give A Taste: Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts is a book that may be coming soon. Don’t know yet. It will come in the future. Deep thoughts, is a book filled with amazing poetry by me of course. It will have many pieces like this that tell a story and some poetry filled with deep dark emotions like you all are used to from me. If you’re a returning viewer. You’ll know dark, sad, and pain poetry is my type. This is Rush. Enjoy and leave a comment if you want.


When I look at a Jeep

I think that truck looks amazing

When I’m inside it, I think the interior is crazy

Just the view and feel of the car be making me buy

Sort of like when I buy shoes

The look and feel of the texture just sells the shoe

For a while, things are just smooth

It felt good roaming the store with these Nike’s on my feet

Sort of like how I felt when I first drove the jeep

It was fun but after a while, I realized I didn’t like how it drove

After a month the engine started getting hotter than a stove

Just like the jeep my Nike’s started to hurt my toes

These two situations remind me of how love goes

We see someone we like from the outside

We automatically love them by sight

Anyone can just think they like or love someone by their body or smile

But how long will that body or smile last?

That relationship will always go fast

Because you can’t just know someone by how they look

Some want a big butt and a smile

But you and that person could only go a quarter-mile

The reason being is that you never truly knew them

You saw an appearance and thought it could work

You have to get to know them first

I mean I know how guys think first

They see a girl and think look at how she walks, her butt just jiggle

I wonder if she can make it wiggle

I know she can take more than a little

We want somebody that we can flow through life with

But we judge their potential by their body and sex

But once done you realize how different you are

After a month or so you realize you don’t know who they truly are

Just like that truck

I loved how it looked and feel but after a while, I didn’t like how it drove

The engine started to get hotter than a stove

And those shoes started to hurt my toes

So my question now is it worth the rush?

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